Quilt Preparation

The following are some things you can do to insure the best outcome of your quilt! 

1. Trim all loose threads from the front and back of your quilt top.

2. Reinforce all seams on the outside edges of your quilt top. When I load the quilt on the frame it does apply a small amount of pressure and these seams can come loose if not backstitched or reinforced.

3. Press all seams flat. The border seams should press towards the quilt top.

4. When piecing your back ( if necessary) sew with the tiniest zigzag stitch to allow some give as though it were one big piece of fabric and leave a ½ inch seam allowance after trimming the selvege off. Then press your seam to one side - not open and flat. Selvages on the edges are fine. Square up the edges.

5. Check your borders to make sure they are not wavy. Wavy borders are hard to quilt without puckers or tucks. For proper application of borders, click here. 

When you are comfortable with your preparation then please give me a call to make arrangements for your quilting. We will work together to choose a quilting design, thread color, etc. I will notify you when your quilt is finished. If I am shipping your quilt back to you, I will need full payment before shipping.